Safe Internet Use

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The internet is great thing. We use the internet every day for shopping, booking holidays, working, networking and even banking as well as many other daily tasks.

We still need to remember there are many consequences of using the internet, just some of the risks are getting a virus from unknown sources, identity theft or coming across inappropriate content. To prevent these risks you must make sure you use a safe internet browser such as Chrome or Safari.

Safe internet use is very important unfortunately it’s not hard to clone websites and they look just like the real site by doing this hackers will then use your information. Always check the web address is correct in the tool bar. If using a secure website for banking always make sure the padlock symbol is at the beginning of the web address this will let you know that the website is legitimate.

If you are visiting a website that needs your personal information again check that the padlock symbol is at the beginning of the web address also the web address should begin with ‘https://’ the ‘s’ stands for secure.

Always remember to log out of websites you have visited especially if you have entered any personal details. Make sure all your antivirus/antispyware and firewall are up to date.