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We think the best approach to keeping your family safe online is to always talk with your children about what they are doing online. You can also use parental control software to put blocks on certain websites.

Your children are being taught how to use the internet in school from an early age, this should never be frightening to a parent. You may worry that your child knows more about the internet than you do. You can get your child to teach you what they are learning or you could attend computer lesson at your local library. By getting your child to teach you things will also make your child feel good.

The best way to work with your child online is too work to their age range, remember you know you’re child better than anyone.

There a few things you could do, you could start with setting some boundaries and rules, ask them what they are learning online. You could get them to show you there favourite website, you could also play games online as a family. Ask your friends and family how they deal with their children online.

Ensure you have parental control software on all your devices and all the software is set up properly.

Remember we are here to answer any questions you have!