Your Child And Social Networking

Your Child and Social Networking Blog

Social networking is one of the biggest revolutions of the online world and can be used in many ways such as keeping in touch with friends and family or finding friends from your past. It can also be a dangerous place for children to be.

Most social networking site have an age restriction of 13 unfortunately it’s easy for children of a younger age to lie about their date of birth and join social network sites.

The risks of young children being on social networking sites is strangers talking to them or cyberbullying from classmates. Children may also not know the relevance of giving out there information to strangers and can then become a victim of identity theft.

It’s important to teach your child to only become friends with people that they already know in the real world. Tell them never to reveal personal information such as date of birth or address also teach them not to click on links or downloads from unsure places.

Also tell them that they should never share there passwords with friends or strangers or leave there accounts logged in unattended.

A few questions you could ask them is do you know your friends online? How does your profile appear? Ask them about what they are posting?

Reassure them they can always talk to you if they ever feel unsure about any contact they have had online.